Welcome to the Forgotten Bay Dojo!

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Welcome to the Forgotten Bay Dojo! Empty Welcome to the Forgotten Bay Dojo!

Post  Sleep on Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:34 am

Established Thursday, April 7th, 2011, The Forgotten Bay Dojo is a new forum that was spearheaded by players in Florida to establish an online presence for the Southeast US. There are players down here, but we are all staggered throughout several states and unlike other regions of the US (and the world), we have never really had a centralized place to discuss amongst ourselves, set up tournaments, and improve the local environment. So, for those of you in the SE region who may or may not have a "home" stronghold store or forum to frequent, the Forgotten Bay Dojo will take you in!

All seriousness aside, welcome to the Dojo! We are a bunch of laid back guys down here that would love for the local area to become more competitive and impact the L5R scene on a greater level. We invite you to participate and help grow the great community we have down here. As the SE gets stronger and more cohesive, we will be able to foster better and stronger players. So join up and contribute!

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Welcome to the Forgotten Bay Dojo! I_am_f10
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