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Phoenix Rock-hard Enlightenment Deck Empty Phoenix Rock-hard Enlightenment Deck

Post  Aaronious on Fri May 06, 2011 4:52 pm

Hey, y'all:

See the title for my deck concept.

Basically, I want to use a lot of Earth-movers using spells like Jaws of Stone to preserve my territories until I can amass an army of golems and well-equipped shugenja to defend, instead. Meantime, my win condition is enlightenment.

A couple of questions: (sorry, I'm a newb still.)

Are spells considered strategies? Or are they equipment? If they are equipment, do they count as strategies when used?
If they are equipment, I think my idea already fell apart, since I would need too much space for spells to allow enough strategies.

Are there limits as to who can use which spells? For example, can a Fire/Void shugenja use an Earth spell? If the example is acceptable, does he gain the Earth keyword while it is equipped? Some spells say, "while he is Earth." Is that a reference to cards that negate keywords?

I know everybody hates Enlightenment. Is it supposed to get any development love anytime soon?

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Phoenix Rock-hard Enlightenment Deck Empty Re: Phoenix Rock-hard Enlightenment Deck

Post  Sleep on Fri May 06, 2011 5:43 pm

There is no such thing as "equipment" in L5R. There are "attachments", which, as the name implies, covers anything that can be "attached" to a personality. An attachment, or an action from an attachment, is not considered a strategy. When a card references a strategy, it is specifically referencing a red bordered fate card with the two sword symbol in the upper left hand corner.

People love enlightenment! It's fun, difficult to accomplish (and rightfully so), and not a negative play experience like some control decks. Enlightenment is less about board control and defense, and more about combos. The deck requires a very high amount of synergy amongst its cards, so that you can set up perfect turns where you get 3-4 rings out and then hopefully the last ring comes easily.

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