Bad Player, Good Deck

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Bad Player, Good Deck Empty Bad Player, Good Deck

Post  The Nameless on Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:04 am

This was the winner from Tuscon kotei's deck

Dynasty (40)

Doji’s Guidance
Jimen’s Decree
Well-Defended Border

Holdings (15)

Marketplace x3
Exotic Goods x3
Dockside Market x3
My Father's Shrine x2
Public Records
Counting House
Kitsune Den
Traveling Peddler

Personalities (22)

Kakita Yosuga x3
Doji Shikishi x3
Doji Umakai x2
Kakita Hideo x2
Asahina Beniha
Asahina Ekei
Asahina Okimoto
Daigotsu Oki
Doji Domotai
Doji Ayano xp
Doji Hakuseki
Kakita Aichiko
Kakita Hideo xp
Kakita Kensho-in
Kakita Noritoshi
Otomo Seimi

Fate (40)


Impromptu Duel x3
Imperial Adjudication x3
Steel on Steel x3
Peaceful Discourse x3
Wall of Honor x3
Claw and Shell x3
Distractions in Court x3
Hamstrung x3
Favor of Artisans x3
Weigh the Cost x3
Subversive Influence x3
Enough Talk x2
Reinforce the Gates x2
Ultimate Sacrifice
Relentless Conviction

Heavenly Blade of the Crane

The deck performed great, I made some play errors and some unlucky match ups.
The Nameless
The Nameless
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Forgotten Bay Student

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Bad Player, Good Deck Empty Re: Bad Player, Good Deck

Post  Kakita Hideo on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:58 pm

Similar to my list but i mad some changes. Overall I liked that build initially but after seeing the local meta changes had to be made. How did the Heavenly Blade work out for you?
Kakita Hideo
Kakita Hideo
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