Top Crab results from the SC Kotei

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Top Crab results from the SC Kotei Empty Top Crab results from the SC Kotei

Post  Hida Fat on Sun May 22, 2011 10:24 pm

FIrst the list.

Shattered Peaks Castle

Hida's Guidance

Alter History
Celestial Disfavor
Imperial Census
Crossing the Forbidden Sea

Hida Kuon
Hida Yaheiko
Hida Benjiro
Hiruma Todori
Hida Yiu x2
Hida Akeno x3
Hida Ikarukani x3
Hida Shikoujin x3
Hida Yumiya x2
Kaiu Taru x3

Traveling Peddler
Akodo's Grave
Expendable Resources
Iron Mine x3
Family Keep x3
Tsi Mokotsu x3
Oyo Seido x3

Justly Earned Victory x2
Immovable Object x3
Heedless Assault x2
Outer Walls x3
Determined Force x2
Claw and Shell x3
Only Actions Speak x3
Final Duty x2
The cost of Pride x3
Impossible Force x3
Inexorable Defeat x2
Shamful and Cowardly x2
Paid off x2
Kami unleashed x3

Awaken Blade
Talisman of Meido
Armor of the Ryu
Heavenly Tetsubo of the Crab

Ring of Water

I knew I was in for along day when my wife and I were in ATL the night before and after getting home @ 2am i had until 4 to get some sleep. We left for SC @ 5am and got there around 9. I had to scramble around to get some of the cards but by 11 I was ready to go.I went 5-2 and placed 13th out of 70. I had a good day and a huge error on my part in round 3 cost me that game and crushed any potential for making the cut. However I pressed on for Top crab. Here is the match break Down.

Round 1 - Pheonix enlightenment
Round 2- Scorpion Dishonor
Round 3- Spider Monksei
Round 4- Crab scouts
Round 5- Spider Breeder
Round 6- Pheonix Military
Round 7-Scorpion Dishonor

Round 1The pheonix enlightment deck pretty much set the tempo for the day. I opened up all day fast and furious. By the time He had Air, Water and Void out he was at one province. It was a scary match until the end for me because in ashville last year (which was the last time i played aginst enlightenment) I played against this same deck, and lost in the final battle at his last province. It literally came down the very last action He had. He dueled my guy to put fire in FTW. Coming back to sats game I knew I could do nothing about Air, Water, fire and Void. I had to control earth. I bought guys for full and hit him with alter history so we both sat @ 7 honor, thus keeping him from favor cycling. That was huge. I remember from last ashville, letting the player cycle the deck was a no no. I controled what calvary he had and piled in at a province every turn. There was to much for him to handle and the game went to me.

Round 2 Went I sat down aginst my opponent I knew I was in for an up hill battle. Here again is a testament to card drawing. I had the same tempo as round 1 and started taking proviences. With buying guys for full, and 3, yes 3 oyo seidos you think i would be ok right? i gained 8 then was bombed for 10 a turn for 3 straight turns. He had ring of void, ancient tome and a traveling peddlar out. He drew the only action speaks to block my gain, then on his turn bombed me for 10 for the game. I wasnt happy at all. Mainly becuase the measures I took to make this match up better, failed. Just goes to show when you get the cards you need, no military can beat dishonor, which is the case I saw through out the day. I saw so much military fall to dishonor, everything from lion to spider. Game goes to him.

Round 3 The only mistake I made in the day I saw was in this game. When I saw the strong hold I knew I had the game because I have played this match to many times to count. I get Yaheiko turn 2, put a weapon on her turn 3, paid off the one of two defenders the other had nothing on him, and with no gold open i swing and take the province. I buy another guy and tempo is in full swing. At this point the game is mine, so what do I do? He attachest rising sunblade to his guy and swings. I Unbow yaheiko and block with her I though i could take this guy. Well guess what. The guy so happens to be the guy that takes an action after he takes an action so in the process kills her. I was pissed. I defeat the other zerker in, he kills and I lose the province.I lost yaheiko, attachement and another zerker. I never recover tempo back and lost, at one point i was like i really could use her and the other beserker i threw away. Anyway, game goes to him. At this point I knew making the cut was lost, now for top of clan. And for the record I wanted to kick my self in the balls for the horrible horrible mistake I made getting greedy.

Round 4 This round marks the comeback. From here on I win out. Having tested scouts in the past several weeks, and after much heated debate I get to fight the crab deck i hate the most, scouts. I win the toss so I go first.I get the same tempo from the other games and i am quickly in the lead. We both flip our guidances. 12 province goes to my favor as I have to commit less resourses to take a province. A few errors on his part, and the game is over. I really dont like scouts. IMO i think pre kyuden hida EXP they are unplayable.

Round 5 Tempo was what won me this game. It was clear the guy didnt expect me to take 2 early provinces courtasy of a turn 3 kuon. I knock him to 2 and with my guidance out (which he forgets about) It seals the game for me. He also misread his card. He sent 2 guys to defend against kuon, 2 non-undead guys then trys to play unatural hunger. Having no way to deal with kuon, game.

Round 6 This was by far the bloodiest match of the day. I open with Yaheiko with armor of the ryu, he gets a calvary shugenga with 2 spells and a RSB...This match was dominated by and won i believe soley on the back of celestial disfavor. The majority of the guys he had were boxable. If not for the event, claw and shell cost him big also. We both were at 1 provience when i dog piled him with kuon, benjiro, yaheiko 2 ender of dreams and an angry crab. i win.

Round 7 I honestly feel bad about this match. I have never seen the exsplosion before i got from this deck. Turn 2 kuon with gold to buy him. on his turn he buys a boxable. Hes gold flooded in the start and that was game. i attack with kuon, he blocks, i claw and shell. He buys another guy, turn 3 i buy a guy then imp force his only dude. At this point he has nothing in play. When at 2 proviences he sees only a boxable. I split and claw the boxable for the win. I told the guy i really felt bad for what happened.

I had a good day, and I played what I thought I would (minus the pheonix decks). I pack so much boxable hate because so many decks run them. I have built this deck so many times and this is the best incarnation of it thus far. As far as the dishonor match goes, its still up in the air, so i will look at more. Kaiu Taru was great. Bersekers is a theme starved for card draw/cycling. This guy has 5 force, 2 honor, shuts a guy down and cycles a card...I dont know why hes not in every crab deck. He will be in mine for the rest of the arc. I got a lot of wtf looks from cards like cost of pride and final duty. I cant tell you the times they helped me out, also notice the synergy between yumiya and cost of pride. Anyway, have fun with the list as I did and now I set my sights on what BtD does for berserkers.
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Top Crab results from the SC Kotei Empty Re: Top Crab results from the SC Kotei

Post  valentine on Mon May 23, 2011 12:51 am

'final duty and kami unleashed are bad cards, I'm not playing them' - Darrell
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