Final week of Kotei's Results

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Final week of Kotei's Results

Post  Kakita Hideo on Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:33 am

Kansas City, KS-91 players
Winner-Dragon defends with Mirumoto Kalen
2nd Place-Crane
Honor Winner-Kakita Kae (naturally) Chooses Doji Yasuyo

13 crane
10 crab
3 dragon
6 lion
12 mantis
13 phoenix
10 scorpion
12 spider
8 unicorn
4 ronin

San Jose,CA-84 players
Winner-Lion/Case Kiyonaga (Shamate Keep) chooses to defend with Matsu Benika
2nd Place-Phoenix (TST)
Honor Winner-Dragon chooses Tamori Matsuo

Ronin 2
Lion 5
Crane 6
Dragon 6
Spider 7
Unicorn 9
Mantis 9
Crab 12
Phoenix 14
Scorpion 14

Auckland, New Zealand-16
Winner-Unicorn (don't get your hopes up Pat. He's won this tourney 3 straight years. Good player and small group) does not defend and chooses Empire's Greatest Silk Works
2nd Place-Spider Breeder
Honor Winner-Ronin chooses Usagi (former Monkey Clan Player made the selection)

Crab: 3
Crane: 0
Dragon: 2
Lion: 3
Mantis: 1
Phoenix: 2
Scorpion: 0
Spider: 2
Unicorn: 2
Ronin: 1

Madrid, Spain-99 players
Winner-Crab chooses Master Painter (appropriate choice since his last name means painter in spanish)
2nd Place-Unicorn
Honor Winner-Unicorn chooses Moto Pasei (Sake Master)

No breakdown posted Crying or Very sad

Sao Paulo, Brazil-Numbers below are an estimate no exact numbers from TO
Winner-Crane defends and chooses Kakita Matabei (<-that should be good)
2nd Place-Lion
Honor Winner-Crane chooses Kakita Korihime (Doji Ayano and Kakita Hideo our not legal choices due to story team veto)

Crab: 4
Crane: 2
Dragon: 3
Lion: 2
Mantis: 1
Phoenix: 2
Scorpion: 5
Spider: 1
Unicorn: 2
Ronin: 0
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