EoW Spider Preveiws!

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EoW Spider Preveiws! Empty EoW Spider Preveiws!

Post  togashi_naiteiru on Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:13 pm


Plains of Glass is sexy. I really like it. If I were playing Spider, I would probably be running out of that strong hold now.

Daigotsu Tenbatsu is my favorite personality for them, but maybe thats the dragon in me.

Moving and Unmoving looks good. I am just not sure I can find room in a Dragon deck. But Spider might have room.

I have noticed that it looks like we are all getting Clan swords... or maybe only those with Starter Decks this time around.

All in all, Spider got a nice pump in the arm. I see that Ninjas got some of the biggest support.

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EoW Spider Preveiws! Empty Re: EoW Spider Preveiws!

Post  Daigotsu Thrakhath on Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:03 pm

The paragon is incredible. Not only does he set up my deck so I draw what I want during the battle, but he'll also cycle out those pesky open Dark Virtues so my battle hand will be better. Absolutely incredible personality, more than I could have asked for. The rest of our previews could have been strategies with no game text and 0 focus value, and I would have been happy anyway. Razz Exploit Advantage is great too, I could definitely see finding room for that.

The conquerors we got I like too. Printed kill actions are good, and it looks like our conquerors will have plenty of those. I don't know if it's enough to make the deck good, but they at least make it more playable. The stronghold is ok, but I think Keep of the Dead is still better thanks to the trait letting me ignore honor requirements for followers. Losing that hurts.

The monk I like, though his cost makes me hesitate. His ability is useful though, since so much of what kensai do relies on outforcing people. Moving and Unmoving I like too. Hell, I like anything that does two things.

Still haven't played with ninjas, but the new guy looks like a good addition. Sure he's blank, but he's 6F for 6G and a shugenja. Force is what our ninjas were lacking, and he helps a lot with that problem.

TL;DR - Tenbatsu is a badass.
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