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Sleep's "TNT" (Phoenix, Shiro Shiba) Empty Sleep's "TNT" (Phoenix, Shiro Shiba)

Post  Sleep on Wed May 30, 2012 2:26 am

So... here's the decklist for TNT. It's a deck that I was working on casually in the Emperor environment, but chose to go with Kitsu instead. With EoW dropping a couple of cards that are just ACE for the deck though, I threw together a new decklist with the new pieces.

It's pretty easy to play... you essentially command tempo with your personalities (all but one of the personalities in the deck have printed actions, with many of them being lethal) combined with the kill action on your box. Then, your fate hand is all about MAINTAINING the tempo (runs 3x "Sneak Attack" and 3x "One Action, Two Strikes") and supplementing your kill actions on your personalities. You may notice that the deck is missing a few of the staples of early Emperor Edition's successful decks, but I think the meta has shifted for the EoW environment (particularly the strength of dishonor being through the roof making military an easier matchup for the deck, which was it's one true weakness before) and it should perform relatively fine.

Early turns you hope to get at least one yojimbo and one shugenja on board. The deck doesn't run shugenja for spells, instead, because they all have absolutely bonkers printed actions. The deck runs Recruitment Officer to amazing success, allowing you to use the box ability at whichever battlefield your opponent defends at (assign two shuggies with province breaking force, create the recruitment spud at engaging then sneak attack into a melee 6 off your box. Your opponent now has a choice between destroying a shugenja with an awesome ability, or a spud who enables redirection effects. If the spud is still there the next turn, you can always blow him up to "Costly Opportunity" to destroy a card w/out attachments at the battlefield.) The deck also uses BKXP/BHXP, TPed, and Second City Dojo to keep card advantage up. You don't lose many battles when you get 3 of the first 4 actions of a battle, especially when they are all kill actions.

The biggest holes at this time are attachment decks (dragon kensai is just so brutal... I'm guessing that if playing this at a tournament, you'd hope dishonor knocked the kensai player out) and I haven't playtested it against dishonor yet. That being said, the deck should be able to outpace yasuki (with 3x "The Snow Has Teeth" to penalize the send home actions and the province strength boosting) by buying 2 guys a turn that read "kill any of your opponents dudes". Add to that you can kill Jinn-Kuen (or any problematic control personality for that matter) with Koiso if you have an Inexorable in hand. Keep in mind this is the first draft of the deck in the EoW environment, but it is based on a deck concept that I playtested quite thoroughly last set.

Anyways, here's the list, let me know what you think! (Notice it is conveniently in EOPK format, so you can just copy and paste it in!)

1 Shiro Shiba

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (1)
1 Times of Strife

# Celestials (1)
1 Ryoshun's Guidance

# Regions (1)
1 Shinden Shorai

# Holdings (14)
1 Traveling Peddler
3 Recruitment Officer
3 Silver Mine
1 Chugo Seido
3 Small Farm
3 Second City Dojo

# Personalities (23)
3 Asako Ume
3 Isawa Kaname
1 Shiba Jouta - exp
1 Isawa Koiso
3 Shiba Sansesuke
3 Shiba Sawaken
3 Shiba Toshisugo
1 Takasho
1 Makito - exp
1 Shiba Tsukimi - exp4
2 Isawa Mina
1 Daigotsu Hotako - exp3

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (38)
3 A Yojimbo's Duty
3 Yojimbo Assemble
3 Precision
2 Sniping
3 Sneak Attack
3 The Snow Has Teeth
3 One Action, Two Strikes
3 Unstoppable Strike
3 Sundering Strike
2 Costly Opportunity
2 Broken Alliance
2 Know No Fear
1 Creating Order
2 Hidden Defenses
3 Inexorable

# Spells (2)
2 Katana of Fire - exp

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