Beginner to CCG, need help with Unicorn deck

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Beginner to CCG, need help with Unicorn deck Empty Beginner to CCG, need help with Unicorn deck

Post  Shinjo Seong-Ji on Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:06 am

I just got into L5R at GenCon, and am trying to put together a semi-competitive deck right now. As it is, I have sort of a mess between tacticians and commanders, but would like to do a more Tactician focus. Keep in mind I do not own Forgotten Legacy or TSE, so anything from either I would need to proxy.

Stronghold- The Khan's Estate



In Search of Guidance (x1)


Shinjo's Guidance (x1)


The Distant Reaches (x1)

Holdings (15)

Stables (x3)
Silk Works (x3)
Small Farm (x3)
Staging Grounds (x2)
Akodo's Grave (x1)
Traveling Peddler (x1)
Public Records (x1)
Family Library (x1)

Personalities (22)

Shinjo Horibe (x3)
Moto Tetsuo (x3)
Moto Isul (x3)
Moto Hailung (x2)
Shinjo Eun-Sahng (x2)
Shinjo Byung (x2)
Shinjo Dak-Ho (x1)
Shinjo Kinto (x1)
Shinjo Hayan (x1)
Rokku (x1)
Shinjo Ki-Chang (x1)
Utaku Liu-Xeung (x1)
Moto Naleesh (x1)


Rings (2)

Ring of Water (x1)
Ring of Earth (x1)

Equipment (5)
Sankaku-Yari (x2)
Blade of Champions (x1)
Celestial Sword of the Unicorn (x1)
Dazzling Attire (x1)

Followers (7)
Shinjo's Children (x3)
Khol Regulars (x2)
Horse Archers (x1)
Moto House Guard (x1)

Tactics (26)

Control the Board (x3)
Incapacitated (x3)
Block Supply Lines (x3)
Compassion of the Unicorn (x3)
Unexpected Support (x2)
Preserving Forces (x2)
The Cycle of Vengeance (x2)
Fall Back! (x2)
Back to the Front (x2)
Indecision (x2)
Thick Marsh (x1)
The Heir's Wrath (x1)

Mainly need to know what I should be replacing to tool this more as a tactician deck, in particular stuff that would be easier to get (Non-FL/TSE)

Shinjo Seong-Ji
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