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Ivory is coming Empty Ivory is coming

Post  Kakita Hideo on Tue Dec 17, 2013 11:13 am

That nice ass palace of the Crane


2-The Tower of Vigilance
Changing the Game

3-Jade Pearl Inn
3-Colonial Temple
3-Kabuki Theatre Troupe
2-Deep Harbor
1-Brilliant Cascade Inn
The Ivory Dojo
Temple of Tengen
The Amethyst Court

3-Kakita Ibara
3-Daidoji Soken
Yoritomo Yashinko xp
2-Doji Soeka
2-Kakita Amiki
3-Doji Etsuki
3-Daidoji Gensai
Doji Hakuseki xp 3
Doji Hoturi Inexp
Doji Bieber xp
Doji Tatsuki xp
Kakita Ichigiku xp


3-Breaking the Rhythm (4)
3-Iaijutsu Dojo (3)
3-Strategic Withdrawal (3)
3-Defensive Formation (3)
3-Demonstrating Technique (4)
3-Entrenched Position (4)
3-Unseemly Alliance (3)
3-Ivory Magistrate Outpost (3)
2-The Tale of the Disgraced (2)
A Game of Dice (4)
Creating Order (4)
Overwhelming Chaos 

Blood of the Preserver xp
2-Fortunes Charm
3-Justice of the Crane
3-Seppuns Blessed Blade


First rough draft while at work. I think I need more battle actions and a clear win condition. Not sure of the speed till we get games in but I think Im gong for something closer to my CE decks of steady honor and being able to attack back if there is an opening.
Kakita Hideo
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Ivory is coming Empty Re: Ivory is coming

Post  togashi_naiteiru on Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:50 pm

I have seen some rather devastating honor loss cards in my research into what it looks like Ivory will be. I think steady honor gain will give you solid protection from them, while being able to beat their faces in consistently will be the win against them. 

Against a military deck, I suppose you can be more defensive, but still crush a provenance or two to make them stutter into defeat.

I am excited about play testing soon, I have two decks in the work. I think my military is together more then my enlightenment deck yet. I suppose, I could combine the two...

Finding Enlightenment at the edge of a blade.

Ivory is coming Fbdban19
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