Doge Clan... What if...

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Doge Clan... What if...

Post  Moto Damasko on Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:26 am

Just for grins ;3 maybe I'll fill this out later.

Family (Name?)
+1 Willpower
Doge Clan Bushi:
+1 Agility

The Doge Clan Bushi are known for their spirited boldness, good nature, and forthrightness that is conveyed both in how they carry themselves and how they fight.  Many a samurai has noticed an odd smirk on the face of a Doge Clan bushi and assumed him cocky, but that would be incorrect.  In combat they are known for their trademark kiai, their expression of fighting spirit, that can stun the most hardened warrior.  Even in the worst of situations, a Doge Clan bushi is confident and positive! If there is a will, there is a way. 

Ability Names: 
So Wow:
Inspired by his pure confidence, both the Doge clan Bushi and his comrades may add half his willpower (rounded up) in rolled dice to any skill or attack roll. 

Doge Kiai!:
Expression of the fighting spirit, roll compared vs willpower to cause effect?

Much Strikes:
The Doge clan bushi is taught to strike repeatedly and with confidence! The Doge clan Bushi may attack as a simple action.  (modifier?  Selected weapon?)

All my Shibs:
Some benefit to the Doge Clan Bushi when protecting his friends? Or working with others?

Additional reaction step effect when friend is attacked?
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