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Post  Sleep on Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:14 pm

1 The Golden Plains of the Unicorn (2)

1 The Golden Plains of the Unicorn (1)

# Dynasty (40)

# Holdings (17)
3 Abundant Farmlands
3 Well-Defended Farm
3 Vast Paddy Fields
2 Stables
3 Jade Pearl Inn
3 Famous Bazaar

# Personalities (23)
3 Moto Alagh
3 Moto Daiken
3 Moto Xin
1 Shinjo Kinto - exp
1 Shinjo Kinto - exp2
3 Shinjo Yoshie
1 Moto Chinua
1 Moto Ming-Gwok - exp
3 Moto Ulagan
3 Utaku Hyo-Yeon
1 Zansho - exp

# Fate (41)

# Strategies (19)
2 A Small Favor
3 Ritual Preparation
3 Versatile Army
3 Advance Warning
3 Expensive Achievement
3 Strategic Withdrawal
1 Creating Order
1 A Game of Dice

# Followers (12)
3 Seasoned Ashigaru
3 Rice Farmer
3 Frontier Farmer
3 Ashigaru Spearmen

# Spells (6)
3 Suitengu's Embrace
3 Sailor's Warning

# Rings (3)
1 Ring of Air
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of the Void

# Senseis (1)
1 Akikazu Sensei

Sleep's Decks - "Purple 4-H Club" Purple10
Theme:  A unicorn deck that can actually run Akikazu Sensei.  The "Purple 4-H Club" is a deck that runs the farm scheme along with jade pearl inn and famous bazaar to maximize dynasty flips. 

What's so special?:  It runs a bevy of 4 force personalities (which means a consistent fear 4 off the sensei), 12 ashigaru followers (to benefit off of well defended farm) and enough shugenja to splash spell support.  The holding scheme is designed to almost always flip into a faceup dynasty card.  This helps smooth turns 3-4-5 holding purchases and often combos into a personality.

How does it win?:  It swings in with 4f dudes with 3f-5f farmer followers (the 4-H club) and abuses the unicorn box's move in with it's strategy selection.  It's straight military and doesn't get particularly convoluted during battle.  This is a relatively easy deck to sit down and pilot.

When does it lose?:  The deck has issues vs attrition decks, and I do not expect it to do well vs dishonor due to the bevy of fallen personalities in the cardpool.  It will also turn over to dueling, but in general has enough straighten and movement to still pull out the win.  Just don't defend against the dueling deck Smile

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Sleep's Decks - "Purple 4-H Club" I_am_f10
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