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Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab Empty Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab

Post  Sleep on Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:48 pm

1 The Impregnable Fortress of the Crab (2)

1 The Impregnable Fortress of the Crab (1)

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (1)
1 Dark Audience

# Holdings (15)
3 Secluded Outpost
3 Iron Mine
3 Vengeful Populace
3 Shrine to Hachiman
3 Family Dojo

# Personalities (24)
3 Toritaka Iabuchi
1 Toritaka Chokichi - exp
3 Hiruma Tsurao
3 Hiruma Moritoki
3 Hiruma Koru
3 Hiruma Fujito
1 Nishoji, the Steel-Eyed
3 Hida Reigoro
3 Hiruma Itta
1 Zansho - exp

# Fate (41)

# Strategies (12)
3 Advance Warning
3 Fearful Volley
3 Steal an Advantage
3 Unholy Strike

# Followers (18)
3 Incendiary Archers
3 Expert Archers
3 Spearmen
3 Kikage Zumi Initiates
3 Skeletal Troops
3 Heavy Infantry

# Items (7)
3 Haramaki-do
1 Koan's Staff
3 Reinforced Parangu

# Rings (3)
1 Ring of Air
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of the Void

# Senseis (1)
1 Todori Sensei

Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab Scarya10
Theme:  The base is Crab Scouts.  The theme is "win the battle, win the war".  The deck is not interested in taking early provinces.

What's so special?:  This attachment heavy deck runs most of it's battle actions ON the attachments it attaches.  There are a few cards in hand that supplement this, but in general, the deck just puts great actions on it's dudes (who also have great actions).  It also runs a full assortment of holdings that help it win games (vengeful populace and family dojo in particular).

How does it win?:  It fights toe-to-toe with the best personalities of any deck.  All of the attachments work incredibly well to combine with your printed actions.  Have a guy with fear 2?  it's not hard to get that to fear 5 or 6.  Same with ranged attacks.  The deck shoots down dishonor and honor immediately removing presence.  And vs other military, it plays the long game, opting more to wipe your board and attack again the next battle then to take your army AND the province (although this is also an option in some instances depending on your setup).

When does it lose?:  The deck has slight issues vs scorpion military (turning off printed abilities is tough).  I also consider one of the decks weaknesses "good players".  Because the deck has to attach nearly all of it's battle actions, a resourceful and skilled player can pretty much plan out how to properly defend/attack into the deck.  That being said, oftentimes, the end result is "damn, all my guys are going to die so I can't defend/attack into that mess!".

Additional thoughts:  This deck is just fun.  You have brutal actions on all your cards and you never really feel like you run out.  It's great!

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Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab I_am_f10
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Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab Empty Re: Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab

Post  panku on Mon Jan 20, 2014 7:32 pm

The deck has 0 game against control. Block supply lines or favor send home will ruin your day. So will any form of limitted bow, planted evidence, etc. Might be fun though.

Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab Fbdban14
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Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab Empty Re: Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab

Post  Moto Damasko on Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:39 am

20 + attachments...   Hida  Samurai  Hida  Samurai  Hida  Samurai  Hida  Samurai  afro

All the deh attachments.
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Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab Empty Re: Sleep's Decks - "Scary Arrows" Crab

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