Emperor Edition Preview - Lion Clan Paragons of Bushido

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Emperor Edition Preview - Lion Clan Paragons of Bushido

Post  Kakita Hideo on Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:35 am

Paragons of Bushido

The Lion have often been held as an example, if most frequently by
members of their own ranks, as the ultimate expression of a samurai
devoted to the code of bushido. Bushido and those works inspired by it,
most notably the sacred Leadership, penned by the Kami Akodo, have laid
the course for the whole of the Lion Clan’s beliefs and system of
warfare for more than one thousand years, and that is unlikely to
change. Even among the Lion, the most ardent adherents to the code of
bushido are found among the Matsu. Easily the largest family in the
Empire, the Matsu have a well-earned reputation for anger and ferocity,
for unflinching devotion to bushido, and for absolute ruthlessness on
the field of battle. For many Matsu, absolute devotion to bushido
requires the sacrifice of personal concerns and considerations. Only
bushido matters. Only honor matters.

To the Matsu, the tactical brilliance of the Akodo is but a means to
an end, and one that requires the Akodo to separate themselves from the
reality of bushido in order to dwell within the realm of theory and
strategy. It is not a duty the Matsu wish for themselves, but one they
gladly allow others to bear in their place. Likewise, the reconnaissance
function of the Ikoma is a necessary but distasteful aspect of warfare
that the Matsu eschew in favor of the traditional warrior’s role. The
Lion are the embodiment of bushido, yes, but it is the Matsu who are the
blade of the Lion Clan.

While they venerate all of the tenets of Bushido, as Lion samurai,
Lion paragons follow Honor above all else and bring true meaning to the
phrase “Honor is a force more powerful than steel.” And honor is a force
the paragons of the Lion know how to wield. With ruthless efficiency,
paragons of Bushido strike down their enemies on the battlefield, using
the discipline learned from years of training to stay clam, cool, and
collected under the pressures of battle. To many, using your honor as a
weapon is simply a saying. To the Lion paragons of Bushido, it is a way
of life.

The Paragons of Bushido deck is a military theme that also can win through honor.
Kakita Hideo
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Re: Emperor Edition Preview - Lion Clan Paragons of Bushido

Post  Pruto on Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:59 am

i love switch decks, i just hope switch becomes viable in EE, as it was not in CE (slander bout the only tier one i can think of that switches all arc)
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