[BtD] Crab Clan Personality: Yasuki Dokansuto

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[BtD] Crab Clan Personality: Yasuki Dokansuto

Post  Moto Damasko on Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:20 am

1F/ 3C
- HR/ 6GC / 1PH

Crab Clan * Courtier * Kolat * Merchant

Reaction: When paying for a Holding, bow Dokansuto: Produce 2 Gold.

not worry, Lord Jinn-Kuen. Once the Crab lands are rebuilt, our agents
will be present in every court and dojo. It will be child's play."


First vestiges of the kola, I mean yasuki econ warfare deck. Solid boxable that buys holdings, merchant keyword is interesting and a courtier to play with destructive tendencies. Also, he's the art for the theme presentation.

Chen is going to have a cow next arc if all your persona's have the kolat keyword, must purge all kolat.
Moto Damasko
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Enlightened Forgotten Bay Monk

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