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Post  Moto Damasko on Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:21 pm


Personalities: 18+ (probably 21-23)
?x Chiwa? - Undoes move actions
?x Okaiu? - Solid force to gold ratio and cavalry
?x Paikao? - Solid force to gold ratio and battle action off discard
?X Sakiko? - reserve and destined, I like her with secluded outpost. 
3x Okano
3x Yoshie
3x Tobita
3x Sujikaro
Luchi Karasu
Tsiang the benevolent
Kinto XP
The Shakash
Moto Naleesh

Holdings: 16
3x Secluded Outpost
3x Stables
3x Traveling
3x Famous Bazaar (Something else?)
2x Vengeful
Bamboo Harvestor XP
Pearl Bed

Dark Audience
Inari's Festival

Top 3 are all variables... Paikao lets me pitch excess attachments for force penalties early, chiwa just undoes actions, and okaiu is just good force with cavalry blank. 

Fate Side:

Attachments: 13
Armor of the Unicorn
3x Haramaki-do
3x Jiak
3x Tiger Claw
3x Storm-Forged Blade

Strategies: 25
3x False Route
3x Back to the Front
3x Versatile Army
2/3x Tonfajutsu
2x Coward
2x Fallback
2x Sudden Movement
2x Advance Warning
2x Unholy Strike
2x Turtle Shell
Creating Order

2 slots left, terrain meta? 
I'd like to find slots for incapacitated but not sure what to hit...  instead of sudden movement maybe? (two uniques already have the action in the deck)
Moto Damasko
Moto Damasko
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Enlightened Forgotten Bay Monk

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Unicorn Best Of Empty Re: Unicorn Best Of

Post  panku on Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:17 am

There aren't enough proactive fate side actions. Atm you have 2-3 tonfajutsu and 2 unholy. Both are conditional and have low impact.

There are way too many slots dedicated to meta or that won't really help you win battles. The deck has so many potentially bad draws, just imagine going into battle having seen the following 8 cards(done at random):

1 storm forged
1 jiak
1 false route
1 coward
1 advance warning
1 turtle shell
1 back to the front
1 unholy strike

Also consider the impact of 2f weapons, they don't offer hardly any protection and create a lot of unfortunate 2for1 scenarios on low force personalities. I personally don't like weapons very much in ivory. Ymmv.

I'm also extremely sceptical about running 1force personalities in military decks.

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