Da big'uns coming to get ya

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Da big'uns coming to get ya

Post  HidaDowling on Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:33 pm

Impregnable fortress of the crab

event (2)
1x glimpse of the unicorn
1x end to hostilities

Holdings (19)
3x iron mine
3x productions Mine
3x secluded outpost
3x merchant atoll
2x imperial dojo
2x jade pearl inn
2x deep harbor
1x oracle of the void

Personalities (19)
3x Ogre bushi
3x The lost Collosus
3x yasuki makoto
1x Hida Kaiji exp
1x Hida Kisada the little bear
1x The Dark Naga exp
1x The shakash exp
1x Hiruma Nikaru exp2
1x Daigotsu gyoken exp 3
1x Tochiko the jagged tusk of death
1x Kuni Renyu exp2
1x Nishoji the steel eye
1x shinjo tsulu exp2

Stratagies (37)
3x Strength of the bear
3x entrenched position
3x advanced warning
3x Block Supply lines
3x New cavalry tactics
3x versatile army
3x ritual preparation
3x boiling point
2x Breaking the rhythm
3x back to the front
2x expensive achievement
2x the turtles shell
1x a game of dice
1x creating order
1x ring of air
1x ring of earth

weapons (3)
3x lost blade of the maharaja

Of course all intake is welcome. I have found that big guys are tough to deal with you have to expend alot for cards or use up a units fear or ranged to deal with them. Let me know what you guys think.
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Re: Da big'uns coming to get ya

Post  panku on Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:21 am

I think you are vastly overestimating the effectiveness of big blank guys. At the cost of your guys you will find yourself severly outnumbered and burning through your fate hand do to lack of printed actions.

Personalities like the collosus or gyoken add very little to the deck and come with severe drawbacks.

Your gold is extremely clunky, 2 sets of 6g holdings is begging for gold issues.

Glimpse of the unicorn is generally considered one of the worst events in ivory.

Given the lack of actions on your guys you are really lacking quality proactive actions in your fate deck.


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