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Atlanta kotei crab deck Empty Atlanta kotei crab deck

Post  HidaDowling on Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:27 pm

Ok so I think this is what im gonna go with.

I took notes of what both anthony and Rich had posted and I feel this works.
I also dropped what sleep and you guys told me. So here it is. All help and thoughts are welcome.

Impregnable fortress of the Crab

events 2
1x Dark Audience (getting items is good)
1x Journeys end siege (if i have lost tempo this gets it back)

Holdings 18
3x iron mine (duh)
3x Nexus of lies (im not gonna have productive mines so this is my 444)
3x heavy infantry dojo (to somewhat counter force penalties and to jank a province)
3x Jade Mine (very strong 242)
2x Vengeful populace (this is our team holding so I have to run it)
2x Merchant atoll (because 9 isnt enough, it works and helps my gold scheme)
1x counting house (card draw)
1x Bamboo harvesters exp (card draw)

Personalities 21
1x Hida Kisada exp (duh)
1x hida Kaiji (Big guy gets bigger when opposed)
1x Hida O-ushi (shes good)
1x Hiruma Nikaru exp2 (fuck'a you crane, fuck'a you dragon)
1x Nishoji (see above)
1x Kuni Renyu exp2 (very strong comes with protection)
1x Toritaka Chokichi (solid)
3x Hida Saiyuki (auto include in any crab deck
3x Hida Iguchi (cheap cavalry guy)
2x Hiruma Fujito (cheap with a boss ability)
2x Hida Toranosuke (mini sudden movement is good)
2x Kaiu Nakagawa (maybe its the timmy in me but his engage is good, works well with an item/follower and heavy dojo)
2x Hida Ayahi (big dude that eats followers)

3x Unholy Strike (gets rid of small guys and followers)
3x Incapacitated (solid send home)
3x Entrenched position (auto include in every deck)
3x Versatile army (strooong)
2x Ruthless Determination (my guys are usually bigger than you)
2x Sudden movement (movement jank)
2x Back to the front (i need to stay in the battle)
2x Deliberations (not sure how many people will run turtles shell but its worked so far)
2x Fall back (super strong)
2x Ritual preparation (Not alot of straighten so yeah this)
2x sneak attack (I know I know, the thing is i would rather make someone burn a bow action card to stop this than use it against me. I have enough          bow to steal tempo in battle.)
1x Game of dice (because card draw)
1x creating order (because straighten and get rid of force pump/penalty)

1x ring of air (straighten)
1x ring of earth (negate movement yes)

3x Kikage zumi initiates (being immune to fear is awesome)
3x Skeletal troops ( 2g Fear 3 is really good)

2x Kalimpeh Jiak (engage -2f is great)
2x Haramaki-do (Dat haramaki-do)
1x Koans Staff (ranged 3 for 3g is good)
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