Fudo Cultist - Hyobuko (herald)

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Fudo Cultist - Hyobuko (herald)

Post  Pruto on Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:58 pm

I don't get it... dual bugged fudo cards

Fudo Cultist
2F follower
0HR 3G

Attaches to a nonhuman Fudo Personality ignoring Gold cost.

This card has +1F for each other fudo card you control
"Their ranks grow, Empress. Should we deal with them?" -Togashi Satsu

-HR 6g 1PH
Void * Monk * Shugenja * Fudo * Singular
Attaches Heart of Fudo ignoring Gold cost
Limited: Discard Hyobuko: He searches for an ancient relic. Search your discard pile, then Fate deck, for a card titled Heart of Fudo. Show it and put it in your hand
"You ask why I seek? Better to ask why you do not."

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