20f Thoughts and Deck Brainstorming

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20f Thoughts and Deck Brainstorming Empty 20f Thoughts and Deck Brainstorming

Post  panku on Sat Feb 28, 2015 4:24 pm

So after quite a few games of 20f, here are my thoughts on the environment so far:

-Gold, its a lot easier to have 15-16+g after turn 2 with Legacy and Nexus. This means you can afford more expensive bodies and attachments.

-Kill actions are everywhere, 20f introduced a lot more ranged/melee into the environment. Turtle's shell and recurring followers will pay dividends.

-Shugenja are strong and they are popular. Shugenja have access to some of the best actions and attachments in the game atm so you need answers for super units. Your True nature and Breaking the rhythm/sanctioned are necessary. 

-Honor is Strong, the new holdings are much, much better than the older ones. Thankfully, The New Order is back.

-Expect lots of Dueling, people love it and tons of clans now have access to it. Some meta might help get through grinder rounds. I don't think any of the dueling themes are actually any good, they are too slow and can't put much force on the table.

Those are my initial thoughts, will post more later.

20f Thoughts and Deck Brainstorming Fbdban14
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