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    Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:01 pm
    Message by Kakita Hideo - Mirumoto Tatsumaki 20 Questions
    1: What clan does your character belong to?

    Dragon clan but has not been seen with his clan since his battles in the day of thunder

    2: What family does your character belong to?

    Mirumoto Family

    3: What is your character?

    He is a battle tested Mirumoto Dual wielding Tornado of blades. His battle cry and swinging of blades struck fear in many men.

    4: How would others describe your characters appearance?
      He is not the boisterous fighter that he once was but his skill with his blades can be noticed in the precise nature of his stance. He has a large scar on his neck and does not speak. His Hair his pulled back in a large poof of hair.

    5: What is your character's primary motivation?
    He must continue to battle and prove his merit on the battlefield. His clan is divided from what he has been told and his lord Mirumoto was betrayed. He will fight till the day he can hope to gain acknowledgement and redemtion from his Kami.

    6: Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
    He is alone in the world but owes a certain monk a great deal. As such all monks are held in higher regard then normal by Tatsumaki

    7: What is your character's greatest strength and weakness?

    His greatest strength is his blades on the battlefield and his prowess in battle. He hopes to lead and teach through action as he can no longer lead therough his words. His weakness is that he only knows battle and his drive to right the wrongs in this world so that future generations may live will keep him fighting past the point of retreat.

    8: What does your character think of Bushido?

    Bushido is what has kept Rokugan in relative stability for as long as it has. You must remain within the tenets of bushido if you hope to save the world. Losing your code to achieve a win will not bring back the world samurai can live.

    9: What is your character's opinion of his clan?
    They are under a great deal of turmoil as loyalty and duty have been questioned by Lord Hitomi. May the Kami Togashi bless her with the wisdom to fix her mistakes.

    10: Is your character married?

    Before the war there were plans for marriage but that seems like another life now.

    11: Does your character have any prejudices?
    He does not have any prejudices as his only goal is to drive back the false emperor and save the empire.

    12: To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?

    He owes a great debt to the monk who saved him and mysteriously left. If he ever meets him again he will make this known.

    13: What are your character's favorite and least favorite things?

    He is meticulous in his preparation in battle and takes great pride in his blades. His blades are impeccably clean and he can be seen cleaning them when there is time to do so. His least favorite things to do are any of the "nice" things that others are concerned with. Tatsumaki has never seen the reason for plays or artwork. That time can be used for introspection and practice.

    14: Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?
    Meditation and cleaning his equipment are constants in his day to day actions.

    15: What about your characters emotions?

    He is a stoic man who shows little emotion unless attempting to convey a message.

    16: How would your character handle a subordinate's improper behavior?

    In this world he must assess if the subordinate knew that he should

    17: How would your character's parents describe him?
    He is the son that all parents were proud of.

    18: What is your character's highest ambition?
    To unite his clan once more and bring stability to Rokugan for future generations.

    19: How religious is your character?

    He has a new found respect and admiration for those of the shugenja and monk sect after his near death experience. He will always show the utmost respect to those who serve the kami.

    20: How will your character die?

    He will die as he lives. Fighting for his Kami, Lords,and the future of Rokugan.
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    Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:17 pm
    Message by Kakita Hideo - Mirumoto Tatsumaki
    Mirumoto School
    Rank 2
    Insight - 154
    Honor - 4.5

    Advantage - 16
    Great Potential - Kenjutsu - 5
    Strength of Earth - 2
    Mirumoto Ancestor - 9

    Disadvantage - 8
    Ascetic - 3
    Permanent Wound - 5

    Earth - 3
    Water - 2
    Air -3
    Fire - 3
    Void- 3

    School Skills
    Kenjutsu          5  Agi   10k5 
    Iaijutsu            2  Ref   5k3
    Defense           1   Ref  4k3                       
    Lore:Theology   1  Int  4k3                       
    Lore: Shugenja  1  Int  4k3
    Meditation        2   Void  5k3
    Athletics          1   Str  3k2

    Other Skills
    Battle             1 Per 3k2

    Permanent Wound (Throat)- 5
    Ascetic - 3

    Advantages - 16
    Mirumoto Ancestor - 9
    Strength of Earth - 2
    Great Potential Kenjustu - 5

Rank: Ambassador of the Dragon
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