Winter Season 2011 Name a Card Recap

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Winter Season 2011 Name a Card Recap

Post  Kakita Hideo on Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:02 pm

AEG thread can be seen below

Vancouver, Canada - John Tong - Follower - TBA

Crane wins-4
Atlanta-Robert Pursell-Holding-TBA
Aldershot,UK-Kailam Dale-Celestial- Celestial to be named after Kakita Noritoshi
Chilan, Chile-Gabriel Gallego-Follower- Uji's Saboteurs
Tampa-Some Loser -Holding-Dojo of the Forgotten Bay

Grapevine,TX -Monjoni Osso- Item - Akodo Kage's Teachings
San Juan, PR - David Rodriguez - Holding - TBA

Fairlee,VT-Mike Valliere-Celestial- To be named after Moto Chagatai

Crab Wins-2
Logrono, Spain-Daniel Sales-Personality-Hida Chiyurai
Rolla, MO- Jeff Williamso-Follower-Disciples of Master Coin

Portland,OR Andrew Ornatov- Holding - Green Lake Dojo
Evansville, IN - Jason Aken - Personality - Kistune Yuribara *(unconfirmed)
Barcelona, Spain - Jorge Sáez - Item - Tsuruchi Inu's Thunder Bow *(unconfirmed)

Overland Park, KS - Chris Nicoll - Item - paneki's jawbone (a mask)*(unconfirmed)

Flint, MI - Paul Ashman - Follower - Brothers Drennan*(unconfirmed)

Hamilton, New Zealand-Scotty Couchman- Item -Blades of the Black Dragon
Kakita Hideo
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