A letter from Hida Kisada

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A letter from Hida Kisada

Post  HidaDowling on Fri Oct 31, 2014 2:54 pm


To all loyal samurai of the Empire,
I am not a man who is well versed in the language of the courts. Therefore, I will write to you in a simple way. Some of you might believe there is some kind of conflict or controversy regarding who will succeed the Divine Empress Iweko the First on the throne in the future. There isn't. The Divine Empress will make this choice, and we will obey. In the meantime, her eldest son has taken it upon himself to bring order to the lands of the Colonies. It is a brave endeavor, for many in that land have let themselves be corrupted by the foul influences of these lands. My brother has extensively reported to me of how samurai have used the excuse of the distance from the Empire to forget their place. Thankfully, Seiken-sama has decided to put an end to this. Already, he has put to use the skilled engineers of the Crab to reshape the Second City into something finally worthy of the Empire. As we transform the city, we also patrol the streets and make it safe for all its inhabitants. The chaos and violence which were once hallmarks of the city are over. None shall suffer from any depredations under the vigilance of the Crab. The Second City will be a place of order, of safety, and of honor. It will, at last, really be part of the Empire.

But while we welcome those new lands as part of the glorious Empire of Rokugan, it is our duty to warn the Empress about those who only pretend to be part of it. The so-called Spider Clan may once have served a purpose, but this doesn't change the fact that they bear the name of the greatest traitor to the Empire. They masquerade as samurai, but are nothing more than foul beasts whose sole purpose is the destruction of Rokugan. Do not be fooled, and heed my words. The Crab have fought against the forces of the Shadowlands for centuries, and we recognize them even when they hide under a different name. This is why we are currently petitioning the Empress to revoke the protection she has granted to those creatures, so that we may serve her. We are confident that in her wisdom, she will soon grant us what we ask for. In the meantime, I caution anyone from standing close to the Spider, for their way is destructive and blasphemous. Allies of the Spider are enemies of the Empire, even if they do not know it. And once the Crab are granted the right to act, it will be a time for redemption.

You have been warned.

Hida Kisada, Crab Clan Champion

empire just got put on notice!!
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