Miami Kotei 2015 Winner report

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Miami Kotei 2015 Winner report Empty Miami Kotei 2015 Winner report

Post  Kakita Hideo on Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:59 pm

Just wanted to give a report on my kotei win and it was a lot easier to type it all out here then on facebook.

Just wanted to preface this with the fact that ive worked on this deck all year and since I TO'd Orlando this was the first chance to play it competitively. Idea is have all the actions.

Round 1 - Crab no sensei

He had a slower start or I had a quick start but this game went well for me with me almost throwing it when I defended for no reason without taking into account that he could sneak attack + Standing Fast. He wiped my army but I still crossed the following turn with a CoaAT to seal the game. - Honor Victory (My one and only honor victory) 1-0

Round 2 - Dragon Tamoko sensei

Played this matchup before and it tends to go in the Dragons favor early but you need to prepare to win battles. I spend some time building and when I come across he defends and I kill some dishonored guys and it goes downhill from there as a I swarm him and take him out. Military Victory 2-0

Round 3 - Chris Handy Phoenix Honor

Chris is playing a Phoenix honor deck that seems to be a mixture of Corey Monson's version and the traditional deck. He gets a rough gold start and I come across and end the game quickly. Military 3-0

Round 4 - Steve Palumbo - Unicorn Commanders (I lent him the deck)

No reason to play so we draw. 3-0-1
To be fair I've played that deck roughly 20 times and it does not have a good matchup vs mine

Top 4 Eric Weiner Crane Honor Dueling

He wins the die roll and we take turns have complete shit out of our decks for game 1 and 2 so we go to game 3. I build and start attacking as soon as I can and work my way down to the final two provinces. Eric defends with makoto, and two others. He gains his honor but runs out of straightened people 1 honor shy of crossing and losing his army. I come across next turn with Hoturi and his entourage and its off to the finals.

Finals vs Chris Handy Phx honor
He wins the die roll and goes first and I flip New Order turn one but can't afford to start the game at 3 provinces so I know it will be tough. He rockets up and I keep bringing him under with deaths of dishonored peeps but he crosses eventually.

Game 2 I go first and it wasn't close

Game 3 He goes first and I do get to resolve New Order so I breathe a sigh of relief and build for the attacks. Deciding moment is once he defens his third province he plays Usurpation to send home one of my guys and puts him at 48 with two cards in hand I Uncovering the Culprit and make him discard his other Usurpation. He has no follow up and loses the province and guys. He crosses next turn but with 3 cards facing 50 force and me reducing his province strength to -1 I win the game.

Choice was to save Daidoji Ryushi (Kakita Mitohime then Togashi Korimi if the first 2 are already taken)

Da Kotei iz mine!!

The Esteemed Palace of the Crane
Tadanobu Sensei

Dynasty 46

The New Order

3 Coastal Lane
2 Temple of Destiny
Counting House
3 Small-Time Bully
3 Famous Bazaar
1 Forgotten Legacy
3 Marketplace
3 Temple of the Heavenly Crab
2 The Ivory Courtroom

Kakita Ujirou - exp
Kakita Shinichi - exp
Doji Hoturi
2 Daidoji Yurei
3 Doji Norime
3 Doji Etsuki
2 Kakita Burei
3 Doji Masachika
2 Daidoji Hiroteru
3 Shune
Doji Makoto, the Smiling Blade
2 Kakita Mitohime


Ring of Air
Ring of Earth

2 Come One at a Time
3 Battlefield Challenge
3 Clash of Blades
2 Discovering the Daisho of Water
2 Inspired Leadership
2 Pacify
3 Sanctioned Duel
3 Sundered Blade
3 Strike of the Obsidian Blade
3 Victory Through Deference
2 Uncovering the Culprit
1 Sudden Movement
3 Way of the Dragon

3 Stockpiled Weapon
3 Awakened Naginata
Kakita Hideo
Kakita Hideo
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