[FL] Strategy: Siege Volley

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[FL] Strategy: Siege Volley

Post  Moto Damasko on Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:51 am

Up on the countdown:

Siege Volley
Battle: Ranged 4 attack.
Even if you control no units at the current battlefield: Increase or
decrease it's province strength by the number of Castles you control.
"Lets see what their precious Void has to say about this. Threaten the Scorpion and you deal with the Crab!"

Because when crab take down a castle, they take it down in style! Looks like some shugenja have pissed off the crab! Although... "threaten the scorpion and you deal with the crab? When did crab become Scorpion's bitch?"
Moto Damasko
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Enlightened Forgotten Bay Monk

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