Sleep's "Victory through Defense" AKA Dragon Dueling Force-Neg Honor Courtier Magistrate Shugenja Fortification deck

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Sleep's "Victory through Defense" AKA Dragon Dueling Force-Neg Honor Courtier Magistrate Shugenja Fortification deck

Post  Sleep on Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:07 pm

# Pre-Game (1)

# Stronghold (1)
1 The Fortified Monastery of the Dragon (1)

# Dynasty (46)

# Events (1)
1 The Blessing

# Holdings (22)
3 Honored Sensei
3 Gold Mine
3 Coastal Lane
3 Temple Fortress
3 Kaiu-Built Defenses
1 Forgotten Legacy
3 Peaceful Retreat
3 Rhetorician

# Personalities (23)
1 Mirumoto Shikei, the Laughing Dragon
3 Tamori Touya
3 Tamori Jinai
3 Mirumoto Yoritama
1 Mirumoto Tsuda, Emerald Champion
3 Mirumoto Touya
3 Kitsuki Kira
3 Otomo Terumoto
3 Otomo Demiyah

# Fate (40)

# Items (10)
1 Ancestral Armor of the Dragon Clan - exp
3 Staff of the Raja's Court
3 Deadly Bisento
3 Bo of Ritual Blessings

# Rings (2)
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of Air

# Spells (6)
3 Armor of the Emperor
3 Servitors of Stone

# Strategy (22)
3 Startling Kiai
3 Sinister Deception
2 Unexpected Testimony
3 Way of the Dragon
2 Strike of the Obsidian Blade
2 Planned Departure
3 Swan Technique
3 Taken Hostage
1 Come One at a Time

# Senseis (1)
1 Ichigo Sensei

So, I just took my theme from Phoenix, put Ichigo sensei in it, and decided that it would honor out through battle resolution. It's okay if all of your guys are bowed, all of their guys will have 0 force, and with ichigo, you will get 3 honor for each card destroyed at battle resolution (usually meaning gains of 12-15 honor). You have kaiu built defenses for problem cards (which will within 3f eventually, I promise). You run a few spells, a few shugenja, a couple of magistrate cards, a couple of magistrates, and a small amount of dueling cards, and a small amount of duelists.

It's actually pretty fun. Don't think it can keep up with phx honor rocket, and I personally think that the unicorn ichigo would be faster (although would lose in battle vs this deck), but it's pretty good against the general field.

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