EoW Phoenix Preveiws!

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EoW Phoenix Preveiws!

Post  togashi_naiteiru on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:08 am


Ok... wow. I am looking at their monks and shugjenas and really loving what they are getting. A part of me wants to add a few of them into my Enlightenment and Tamori decks. The other part of me is hoping that my personalities will be so awesome.

I am personally torn between Isawa Mina and Asako Kikugoro.

Mina can remove tokens... besides death I have not seen a way to do this well, and she gets a hell of a bonus from it as well. Although I am worried that the Phoenix is getting into the under developed Fire Token situation. Last arc, that system only got half off the ground and in my opinion flopped. This arc we see some personalities with the start of a new set up, but they frankly need a great deal more support then the two actions that make use of the power.

Kikugoro is everything my Enlightenment Deck needs. Sadly he is for the Phoenix, but he will fit nicely into nearly any deck, because he is an extra two cards, and if you can bring back dead people in anyway he does it again. Hawtness for the Phoenix.

Riddle of Rebirth is thematically awesome and mechanically its really good. It's a strong card, but well balanced to be a unique. Sadly it is a unique card for a specific Clan, as no one else has Henshin. Even many of the former Tattooed cards did effects for other Monks, so long as you paid a deeper cost. I understand some cards are meant to have flavor, and have their own special toys. But with a rare card, that is a unique action, it really should be usable by by more then a single Clan. But no worries, my concerns don't detract from how good of a card it is for the Henshin decks.

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