EoW Crab Preveiws!

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EoW Crab Preveiws!

Post  togashi_naiteiru on Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:34 am

A bit late... but better late then never right?

Kaiu Tojikana is my favored personality simply due to the fact that he can "scream into the wind" as Chris calls it and gain honor. Although after seeing cards like this, I wish that more Clan alliances were represented with being useful to two of the Clans. I am hoping that this remains a trend, however I think besides the Scorpion and crab there are no other strong alliances at the moment.

Stand as the Mountain is a great Crab card. Besides the Spider, I don't think this will be a useful card for many other Clans. But its essentially a very watered down version of Creating Order, but its where it counts. There is so much bow tech out there, I think this really shifts some nice meta in their favor.

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Re: EoW Crab Preveiws!

Post  Gosh on Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:49 am

Well Berserkers can't play Know no Fear, and a single target straighten just gives tempo back to your opponent to bow him again. It's a good card in the right place for it... now where's my Ninja double straighten?
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